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Welcome to Auto Tool Auctions. Find a variety of automotive tools and equipment, diagnostic tools and specialty tools that are new or used at incredible prices. We partner with a network of sources to find quality brand name mechanic tools like Cornwell, Mac, Matco, SK, Snap-on and many more professional grade automotive tools, that are for sale, so that we can bring you the current up to date bargains.

Most car mechanic's and hobbyist need to have an array of automotive tools for the vehicles they service, repair or maintain. Having the right tools for the particular job at hand, can be a time saver and can assist in getting the job done efficiently. Simply put, make your life a little easier.

Most often, the investment made for a good quality brand name mechanic tool is well worth it, since it normally can lasts for many years of use and usually retain its value where you may in time, want to sell or perhaps pass your mechanic tools down from generation to generation.

Diagnostic Tools

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Many vehicles today may require having a diagnostic tool, also know as a scan tool to help the technician determine or troubleshoot what may be the cause of the vehicles problem. A Scan tool provides the tech a reading of trouble codes. In general, most automotive service and repair shops do have one to several scan tools.

Most technicians find having a scan tool to be extremely useful in analyzing symptoms and test results to determine the underlying reason for a vehicles problem. If you have an automotive service and repair shop, it may become necessary to have a diagnostic tool in order to perform any maintenance, services and repairs on certain vehicles.


Hand Tools

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Having access to a selection of hand tools are usually needed in order for the automotive technician to work more efficiently. Many tool manufacturers produce quality products, however there are some second-rate tools that are made from substandard material that make the hand tool cumbersome to work with. High quality tools, generally are made of alloy and are heat treated to offer strength and a longer life span. Also the paint finish may be smoother, making it easier to clean. Depending on usage, high quality tools may actually be more economical in the long run than tools of lesser quality.

Simply put, hand tools are operated manually, without the assistance of any type of power. In general, the majority of hand tools are used to either remove or install fasteners, to cut something or modify certain metal parts. An automotive technician usually needs to have different sizes and types of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, vises, sockets, punches, hammers, files, hacksaws and so on.


Tool Boxes

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Most automotive technician, have a tool box or chest that house and protect their delicate measuring tools, cutting tools, new and used tools. The toolbox is a fundamental item in most automotive service and repair shops. It organizes tools for quick access to the inventory and for efficient workflow.

Having a good toolbox that protects your tools from dust and damage is essential for any auto mechanic or hobbyist. A tool chest basically stores your valuable tools and provides access to them in an organized manner. There are rolling tool carts and tool chests that have wheels for mobility and easy transporting around the shop area and to the job site. Others are bucket style that can be carried around and may have a hardware tray with compartments and pouches that can be stacked inside and compartments and pockets that can slip over the rim.


New Tools

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Most automotive service and repair shops may need to purchase new tools or like new automotive tools also know as refurbished tools. Using both hand tools and specialized diagnostic test equipment that pinpoint problems to make necessary repairs or adjustment may be needed by automobile service technicians to maintain and repair cars, small trucks, vans and other vehicles.

As cars become more sophisticated and complex with new technology continually incorporated into new vehicles, the need for new and updated tools and equipment may also be necessary to perform the maintenance services and repairs.


Used Tools

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If you have an automotive service and repair shop, it may be worth looking into purchasing used tool or reconditioned automotive tools also know as refurbished tools. Why not spend less and get more for your buck. Many times, these tools may of been returned to the manufacturer for a minor repair, defect, or a simple minor scratch that the buyer was unhappy with.

Once the manufacturer receives the returned tool, it is repaired and resold as a reconditioned product for a substantial savings of as much as 30% to 70% off the actual retail price. Not a bad deal! The manufacturer will usually offer a factory warranty with the reconditioned tool.


Tips For Finding Bargains On Mechanic Tools

Tips For Finding Bargains On Mechanic Tools By

Finding bargains on mechanic tools does not have to be exhausting. Why pay full retail price for automotive mechanic tools? Today, we can easily shop online, from the comfort of our own chair, to find a variety of automotive tools and equipment for the auto mechanic technician or hobbyist.

Popular places to find automotive tools are at your local automotive tool supply stores, hardware stores, large chain home centers, mobile tool dealers, antique markets and on the web. Searching for tools online rather than from a traditional vendor allows you to research the product and compare online pricing.


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